Post Works Inspection

All projects include a post works inspection carried out by one of our engineers and report submitted to the client.

Marine Services

Our broad range of marine services include the following:

Diving Contractors

Wet Welding & Burning

Harbour / Jetty Inspections


Underwater Services

Digital Video Inspections

Hull Surveys

Hull Cleaning

Diving Support

Pool Services

We offer a range of pool maintenance and repair services including:

Pool Services

  • Pool Inspections
  • Pool Annual Service and Maintenance
  • Filtration Service, Maintenance and Repair
  • Pump Service, Maintenance and Repair
  • Heat Exchanger Service, Maintenance and Repair
  • Filter Media Replacement and Repair

Chemical Controllers

  • Chemical Controller Service, Maintenance and Repair
  • Calibrating Chemical Controls
  • Supply and Installation of Controllers and Pumps

UV Treatments

  • Installation
  • Retro Fit to Older Pools
  • Service
  • Calibration

Movable Floors

  • Service and Wet Installation of Movable Floors. – we are approved service and wet installers for Variopool Floors
  • Commercial Diving

Diving Confined Workspace

  • Balance Tank Cleaning
  • Backwash Holding Tank Cleaning

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